Rigid Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement


If you’ve worked with the rigid frame Triumph rear wheel, you already know that it is its’ own unique setup with particularly unique wheel bearings. With few options for new bearing replacements, all of them on the expensive side, you may consider other wheel hub options.

When the swing arm was introduced in 1954, the rear hub changed to accept ball race wheel bearings, thus becoming the standard for the remainder of pre-units and beyond. The fact that the new hub was used on so many models for so many years makes them easy to find and the bearings inexpensive.

There are several ways to adapt the swing arm hub and bearings to a rigid frame. But if you want a non-destructive solution that is difficult to detect, all you need are these two adapters to fit the swing arm hub along with the ball race bearings to the rigid spindle.

Rigid Rear Spindle Mod

The adapters account for the larger wheel bearing ID as well as the narrower swing arm hub. All other rigid spindle and brake hardware remain unchanged.

A drawing for adapters can be found here:

Download drawing AT-W61-W653DSTS


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